Ali MacGraw for Butter Shoes

Ali MacGraw for Butter Shoes Women’s Pavlova Ballet Flat in Blue Stripe

Handcrafted in Italy by artisan shoemakers

A vegan leather ballet flat, constructed entirely eco-friendly and designed by Ali MacGraw for Butter Shoes.

Fashion consciousness and environmental consciousness now beautifully co-exist.

All of our luxurious Ali MacGraw for Butter Shoes are made with deep concern for the environment and the artisans who make them. They are carefully handmade in approved artisan factories and completely vegan. Our mission is to make beautiful, comfortable, wearable, livable and fashionable early-friendly shoes that improve life and the planet we all share. Being earth-friendly is not on our core value, it is the core of our business. Our design studio is solar-powered, our materials are carefully sourced to be biodegradable, recycled or chemical free. Our manufacturing process is animal free and we recycle everything possible. 

Our beautiful fabrics are made from recycled polyester yarn and recycled bottles reclaimed from the Mediterranean Sea. Our cotton is organic. Our soles are made from algae, recycled industrial rubber and are biodegradable. Our entire process uses eco-friendly, worker-friendly, highly sustainable materials and components, including our linings that are breathable microfibers made from recycled materials.

Be beautifully conscious and consciously beautiful every time you wear them. 

  • Leather, haircalf, fabric or suede upper
  • Recycled industrial rubber and algae soles
  • Breathable microfiber linings made from recycled materials
  • .25 inch heel
  • Made in Italy
Pavlova PAVLO0011-BLU-6 PAVLO0011-BLU-6.5 PAVLO0011-BLU-7 PAVLO0011-BLU-7.5 PAVLO0011-BLU-8 PAVLO0011-BLU-8.5 PAVLO0011-BLU-9 PAVLO0011-BLU-9.5 PAVLO0011-BLU-10
Fit Details
This shoe fits true to size, we suggest ordering your true American size. These shoes are handcrafted in Italy, however they are sized in US sizes.
Size Guide
U.S. Size European Size Inches CM
5 35 8 58 21.9
5.5 35.5 8 34 22.2
6 36 9 22.9
6.5 36.5 9 18 23.2
7 37 9 14 23.5
7.5 37.5 9 12 24.1
8 38 9 58 24.4
8.5 38.5 9 34 24.8
9 39 10 25.4
9.5 39.5 10 18 25.7
10 40 10 14 26
10.5 40.5 10 12 26.7
11 41 10 58 27
11.5 41.5 10 34 27.3
12 42 11 27.9
Sizes vary by brand and style. The above are an estimate. Measurements in inches and CM refer to foot heel-to-toe length. For specific information on each shoe, please refer to the “Fit Details” located in the product description.

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